3 Massive Mistakes Even Smart Leaders Make That Keep Them From Experiencing True Purpose, Passion, Profits and Peace. 
Discover proven ways to improve your health, wellbeing and performance; Lower your stress levels and anxiety, and enjoy a meaningful life filled with inner peace, happiness and fulfillment.
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  • Why most people's minds are distracted 47% of the time
  • Why not knowing this #1 secret superpower perpetuates your stress and anxiety
  •  4 common mistakes that cause ongoing failures in leadership
  •  How to share effective tools and benefits with your family, spouse, colleagues, your team or organization
  •  How to to live a more mindful, successful, happy, and meaningful life starting right now!
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"Dawa Tarchin Phillips ranks among the most competent, authentic 
and trustworthy people I know. He has world-class expertise in the applications of mindfulness to the problems of people and organizations, and an intuitive well-grounded wisdom that benefits executives and their companies alike.” 
- Daniel Goleman, N.Y.Times Bestselling Author of Emotional Intelligence and Focus
"Dawa Tarchin Phillips is the real deal. He is an authentic and experienced master teacher and highly accomplished in the skills of personal and organizational transformation and the principles of success. An unusually innovative and visionary thinker, Dawa can open your eyes to what it means to live your fullest potential and lead with purpose, vision and resolve. After all, it is results that count. Dawa sees the big picture and has the expertise and skills to help you get there.” ” 
- Jack Canfield, N.Y.Times Bestselling Author of Chicken Soup For The Soul and The Success Principles
"“Dawa Tarchin Phillips holds within himself an extraordinary combination of qualities: deep spiritual presence that reaches directly to the core, combined with a wise and sophisticated sense of guidance and organizational structure required to fulfill the remarkable ventures now in the works. This double genius he manifests makes of him a uniquely valuable consultant and guide. I highly recommend him, knowing how fortunate you and you will be if you work together with him.” 
- Barbara Marx Hubbard, Author, President - Foundation for Conscious Evolution
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    Dawa Tarchin Phillips
    Dawa Tarchin Phillips is Founder/CEO of Empowerment Holdings, the co-founder of the Mindful Leadership Online Training Conference, the world’s largest online training conference for mindful leaders. He is a mindfulness and meditation expert, author, entrepreneur, spiritual teacher, researcher and educator. He is the acting President of the International Mindfulness Teachers Association, the world’s first global professional organization for Mindfulness teaching professionals, and founder of The Mindful Leadership Tribe, an online community of mindful leaders. Dawa completed two 3-year meditation retreats and teaches mindfulness and meditation, awakened business and mindful leadership around the world. He is a member of the prestigious Transformational Leadership Council and the Association of Transformational Leaders, and a leading voice in the global mindfulness movement. His work has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, Men’s Fitness, Forbes and Fast Company.